love and passion for textiles


a series of interior textiles

Bloodline is the first conceptual interior collection of the Amsterdam based textile designer
Christel van Calsteren. By use of her own blood – enlarged by a microscope – she aims to stay close to herself. The images resulted in extraordinary patterns, which she translated integrally to
high quality jacquard wefts.

The design process took place in the Textile Lab in Tilburg. A location proven to be rich of opportunities and facilities in making all kinds of yarns and jacquard woven fabrics. The research period resulted in a sample book of which Christel selected three designs to ultimately develop the textiles for the collection of blankets and cushions. Christel: “It’s interesting to bring an abstraction come to live in a totally new form and shape.”

Bloodline is a high-end collection of home textile design made of wool, linen and reflective yarns – giving a lightening effect when ‘kissed by light’.